Success begins with preparation.


My name is Risa Gross, and I provide help with college applications to high school seniors. Having conducted a decade of alumni interviews for my alma mater, I understand the anxieties and concerns that surround the application process. Furthermore, my familiarity with the necessary steps to applying can help reduce the learning curve for students and reduce their uncertainty about approaching often-daunting forms and essays. If you are seeking assistance with applying to college, please don't hesitate to reach out; we can determine together whether I can be of help to you.


Knowledgeable Assistance

College applications can be befuddling.  I help high school students and their families navigate the complicated process of getting into college.


Applying to colleges is inevitably a stressful undertaking. From proofreading forms to editing essays, I help simplify the burden on both students and their families.


Individualized Support

With a customized approach for each student, I tailor my services to his or her areas of greatest need.